New Projects of OMC

Consistent good performance over the past few years has enabled OMC to undertake new capital intensive projects which are essential to sustain its good performance in the long run.

Joint Venture (JV) Projects:
OMC has decided to diversify its activities and has entered into sectors such as coal and bauxite mining and power generation. A number of Joint Venture Companies have been formed/ are in the process of formation.

Own Projects:
These are projects undertaken by OMC in order to enhance the present performance level of the Company.

The details of the Joint Ventrue projects as well as Own Projects are given below:


Brief description of the Project

JV Agreement signed between OMC and Sterlite Industries (India) Limited on 18.02.2009 for mining of Bauxite in Lanjigarh bauxite deposit in Kalahandi & Raygada districts & supply to the refinery of M/s Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. at Lanjigarh..

Present status

As per the directive of the Govt. of Odisha dtd. 16.09.2015, OMC terminated the JV Agreement dated 18.2.2009/5.10.2004 between OMC & SIIL and intimated the same to SIIL vide its letter dtd. 30.09.2015.

Brief description of the Project

Joint Venture Agreement was executed between OMC & Hindalco Industries Ltd. on 25.10.05 for development of Kodingamali Bauxite deposit in Koraput district for supply of bauxite to the Alumina refinery of HINDALCO at Kansarigada, Rayagada district.

Present status

As per the directive of the Govt. of Odisha dtd. 16.9.2015, OMC terminated the JV Agreement dated 25.10.2005 between OMC & M/s Hindalco.

Brief description of the Project

A Joint Venture between Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd., Assam Mineral Development Corporation, Meghalaya Mineral Development Corporation & Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to develop Mandakini-B coal block having a coal reserve of 1200 MT in Angul district for production of at least 15 MTPA of coal for power generation.

Present status

As per the MoC, GoI letter dated 15.09.2015, MBCCL has sent all available data regarding valuation/ computation of compensation payable to the prior allottees / JV Company for Mandakini-B coal-block

Brief description of the Project

Joint Venture Agreement signed on 29.12.2003 between Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd. and Sainik Mining and Allied Services Ltd. (SMASL) to develop Utkal-D coal block having a coal reserve of 145 MT in Angul district. This agreement has been terminated by OMC Ltd. on 27.09.2012.

Present status

As per the MoC, GoI letter dated 26.12.2014, OMC has sent all available data regarding valuation / computation of compensation payable to the prior allottee / JV Company for Utkal-D coal-block

Brief description of the Project

Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India allotted Nuagaon – Telisahi coal block having a coal reserve of 733.83 MT in Angul district on 2.8.2006 in favour of OMC & Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (APMDC) on 50:50 sharing basis.

Present status

As per the MoC, GoI letter dtd 22.09.2015, OMC has sent all available data regarding valuation / computation of compensation payable to the prior allottee / JV Company for Nuagaon-Telisahi coal-block.

Brief description of the Project

To develop an integrated Project having production capacity of at least 15 MTPA of Iron ore from Gandhamardan (Keonjhar) & Malangtoli (Sundargarh) mining leases.

Present status

As per the advice of Govt. of Odisha, a letter has been issued to RTMD on 4.7.2015 regarding termination of the JV Agreement made between OMC & RTMD on 24.2.1995.

Pursuant to the decision of the State Govt. of Odisha, the Odisha Thermal Power Corporation Limited (OTPC) was established on 29th Jan’2007, as a joint venture company of two State Public Sector Undertakings namely, the Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd (OMC) and The Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd (OHPC) having equal share for setting up a coal based super critical thermal power plant of 3200MW (3x800MW + 1x800MW Future) capacity in Kamakhyanagar Tahasil of Dhenkanal District.

  • The estimated cost of the project has been revised from Rs.16174.17 crores to Rs.18,218 .00 crores. An expenditure of Rs. 221 crore has been incurred on the project till 30th June,2016.
  • The total land for the project including the railway corridor after deliberation & visit of CEA is finalized at 1767.908 acres.
  • 60% of payment of compensation for private land has been made. Alienation of non-forest Govt. land is under process by the Tahasildar-cum- Land Acquisition Officer, Kamakhyanagar.
  • Site specific studies like soil investigation, ground water survey, socio economic study, geological study, contour survey, area drainage study, hydrological study etc have been completed. DoWR has confirmed allocation of required water for the project. IDCO has started the initial work for construction of boundary wall, site office, transit house etc.
  • Peripheral development activities have been going on in project affected areas.
  • Terms of Reference (ToR) for undertaking detailed Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study have been obtained from MoE&F in Jan’2013. M/s. MECON have completed EIA study and Public hearing has been completed. The final revised report would be submitted after allocation of Coal Block which mandatory & revised land use approval of CEA as per ToR.
  • All statutory clearances have been obtained except Environment Clearance & Forest Diversion.
  • The Govt. of India, Ministry of Coal has been requested several times through State govt. to cancel the Tentuloi Coal Block allotted to OTPC in August’2013 as it is not feasible for mining and not viable for operation.
  • OTPC has registered with the MSTC as per the notification dtd. 21.01.2015 of the GoI, MoC for making application for allotment of Chhendipada & Chhendipada-II coal blocks to meet its coal requirement of 16 MT per annum. State Govt. has written several letters in this regard to MoC, GoI.
  • Till date OMC has invested Rs. 134.20 crore as its share of matching Equity contribution.
  • (A) Brief Outline of the Project as on 30.06.2016

    (i)Project Objective:

    To develop, establish, finance, construct, operate and maintain the 104 KM long new rail-line between Angul and Sukinda in Odisha. This rail line will establish direct link between iron-ore belt of Joda-Barbil to Steel and iron industries in Angul Region and between coal mines of Talcher belt to industries in Jakhapura, Joda-Barbil and areas in Keonjhar district. The project also envisages, in long term, to reduce distance between industrial areas such as Rourkela and Dhamra/Paradeep ports.

    (ii) Project cost Envisaged : Rs.1202.70 Crores (Excluding IDC)


  • (B) Status of Financial tie up

    (i) Equity

    Sl. No Share Holders Commitment Rs (Crores) Received till date Rs (Crores) Balance Due Rs (Crores)
    1 Rail Vikas Nigam Limited 189.00 189.00 31.5%
    2 Jindal Steel & Power Limited 60.00 60.00 10.00%
    3 Govt. Of Odisha 127.80 127.80 21.3%
    4 The Odisha Mining Corporation Limited 63.00 63.00 10.5%
    5 Odisha Industrial InfrastructureDevelopment Corporation 4.20 4.20 0.7%
    6 M/s Container Corporation of India Limited 156.00 156.00 26%
      Total 600.00 600.00 100%

    (ii) Details of Term Loan tie up if any : ASRL has finalized Debt-Syndicator and the Process of Dept Syndication is expected to be completed by the end of 2nd Quarter of 2016-17.


  • C) Status of Progress of Project.

    (i) Land acquisition status

    Pvt. Land : Out of the required land of 1199.081 Acres, possession obtained – 1197.821 Acres.

    Govt. Land :Total required land is 219.145 Acres.

    The State Government has given permissive possession for the entire Government land to execute the construction work.

    Forest Land : Total required Land 251.050 Acres + 109.90

    AAll the ground works like DGPS Map, tree enumeration etc. completed. Forest Diversion Proposal (Stage-I) has been submitted to RCCF, Angul on 11/04/2014. Additional forest land of 109.92 Acres has been identified by DFO/CTC for the project. Stage – 1 clearance of Diversion proposal for Hal & Sabik settlement has been given by MoEF on 23.09.2015. Working permission on forest land obtained on 13.01.2016. Tree felling activity started on 23.05.2016.

    (ii) Tendering/contract status

    (a) Contracts have been awarded for major bridges over the river Brahmani (No-12) and Bridges No-29 & No-41 across Rengali Canal. 

    (b) Contracts have been awarded for road bed work including minor bridges between KM 19 to KM 47 and 3 Nos. steel Girder Bridges & 8 Nos. RoBs between km 19.00 to km 67.00.

    (c) Another tender is in the pipe line for KM 0.00 to KM 67.00 for the left over Road-Bed works. Expected to be finalised shortly.

    (d) Contract for execution of 28 Nos. of bridges awarded.

    (iii) Statutory/Clearance status: Forest Diversion Proposal – Given at Para C (i) above. .

    (iv) Civil work & Structural work status: Major Bridge over the river Brahmani- 64% physical progress.

    (D) Expenditure Incurred for the Project till Date.  Rs.167.30 Crore(Provisional) till 3oth June,2016.

    (E) Any other Information: The project work has virtually started in full swing from 2013-14, after the Bridging the Equity Gap, with the participation of Govt. of Odisha, OMC and IDCO.

    • OMC has contributed its full equity commitment of Rs.63 crore which is 10.5% of the revised Equity Share Capital.  

Haridaspur Paradip Railway company Limited, a SPV was incorporated by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited and Essel Mining Limited on 25.09.2006. Haridaspur Paradip railway Company Limited is a Non-Government Public Limited Company. For developing, financing, construction operation and maintenance of 82 Kms. Broad Guage Single Line between Haridaspur to Paradip in Odisha to establish a direct link between the iron ore rich areas in Odisha viz, Barbil Region to Paradip Port. The authorised share capital is Rs. 510 crore and the paid up share capital is Rs. 482.50 crore. A Common Loan Agreement was entered into for an amount of Rs. 1,092 crore with 9 PSU Banks on 13th November, 2013.

  • (A)Status of promoters Equity tie up (30.06.2016)
    Sl. No. Share Holder Commitment (Rs. In crore) Received till date (Rs. In crore) % of holding
    1 RVNL 179.69 179.69 35.87
    2 IDCO 1.90 1.90 0.38
    3 PPT 53.90 53.90 10.76
    4 EMIL 30.00 30.00 5.99
    5 RML 30.00 30.00 5.99
    6 JSPL 5.00 5.00 1.00
    7 SAIL 5.00 5.00 1.04
    8 MSPL 15.00 15.00 2.99
    9 GoO 105.70 105.70 21.10
    10 OMC 74.70 74.70 14.91
      Total 500.89 500.89 100.00


  • (B) Status Report on Haridaspur- Paradip BG Rail Link.
      Land Status

    Total Length : 82.350 Kms

    Land Acquired : Acquisition of private Land in all the three districts has been completed.

    Forest Land : Conservator of Forests (Central)/MoEF & CC/Eastern Regional Office, BBS had granted Stage-I ‘In-principle’ forest clearance.

    (C) Civil Works

    Earth & Other Bridges:
    (a) Pack-1 (0-42.040 Kms) Ex-Kendrapara.

    • Formation work is in progress in a length of 42 Kms.

    Physical progress of the work is 50%
    (b) Pack-II (42.040 to 8.120 Kms) Paradip Yard:

    • Excavation, sand filling, embankment construction works are in progress over a length of 15 Kms.

    • Formation work is in progress in a length of 21 Kms. out of 33 Kms.

    • work is in progress in 31 minor bridges out of 63 Nos.

    • contract for (42 KM to 82 Kms) road bed, earth work etc. with M/s.IVRCL was terminated on 1st August, 2015 due to poor performance and the same has been split into 3 packags and awarded to 3 contractors.

    At present work is in progress in all the three packages.

    (D) Bridge Works

    Construction activities are in progress at 29 briges. Out of 29 Nos. of major bridges, work on 16 bridges has been completed and work is in progress for the balance 13 bridges, which are expected to be completed by October, 2016.


    Expenditure incurred till date

    Progress of the Project



    Rs.640.70 Crore..

    Physical : 56.00 %

    Financial : 54.04 %

    • OMC has contributed its full commitment of Rs.74.70 crore which is 14.91% of Paid up equity capital of Rs.500.89 crore.

    Target Date of Completion : December,2016

    • OMC has contributed its full commitment of Rs.74.70 crore which is 14.91% of Paid up equity capital of Rs.500.89 crore.



Brief description of the Project

To boost up the production of iron ore from Daitari iron ore mines by 2.5 million ton per annum, OMC has decided to go for a new 1000 TPH Ore Handling Plant along with 3200 TPH Mechanized Wagon Loading System including related railway infrastructure.

Present status

The project proposal has been approved by the Govt. of Odisha.

M/s L&T has been engaged as the EPC contractor & M/s Dasturco is the Technical Consultant for this project. L&T has completed the site survey work and submitted the drawings / documents. Basing on those drawings / documents, OMC has prepared the FDP documents & submitted the diversion proposal over 106.016 Ha of forest land to the Addl. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest.

Construction work will start after obtaining FDP from Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India.

Brief description of the Project

Agreement has been executed between OMC & HWIPL on 30.10.2009 for new stand-alone Chrome Ore Beneficiation Plant of feed capacity of 1.5 Lakh TPA at South Kaliapani to upgrade low grade Chrome ore to High grade.

Present status

M/s MBE-CMT (formerly HWIPL) is the contractor for “Installation of a new COB Plant at S. Kaliapani” since 30.10.09.

Though the work is rescheduled for completion by Dec’2015, but the agency after execution of about 50% civil work, 73% of fabrication work & 93% of design work stopped the site activities & asked OMC for additional Rs. 18.51 crore on the ground that the actual quantum of work is much more than the quantity envisaged by the agency during bid submission.

The matter was placed before the BoDs in its 414th meeting held on 13.11.2015. Based on the recommendations of the BoDs, the matter has been referred to the State Govt. for a suitable decision.

Brief description of the Project

Modification to the existing COB plant to enhance its efficiency to upgrade low grade Chrome ore to high grade.

Present status

The modification work has been completed. Provisional Acceptance Certificate has already been issued by OMC.

Brief description of the Project

Tailing disposal system for the existing & new COBP with provision for treatment of effluent water.

Present status
  • NIT for selection of contractor has already been floated.
  • Last date for receipt of bid has been further extended till 16.08.2016, basing on the request from different agencies.
Brief description of the Project

Tailings generated from the operation of COB Plant will be examined for further beneficiation treatment after establishing a process flow sheet through Pilot plant testing at IMMT, BBSR.

Present status

National Metallurgical Lab (NML),Jamshedpur has been awarded with the work for Pilot scale investigation.Work is in progress.

Brief description of the Project

OMC has decided to enhance the production capacity of its Kurmitar Mines to 6MTPA. Along with production of 6MTPA the need of suitable evacuation methodology is also thought of.

Present status

M/s Engineers India Ltd. (EIL) is the technical consultant for the project. LOI issued in favour of EIL on dt. 9.3.2015. Studies on railway siding, hydrology, soil investigation & topographic survey,RoM characterisation are in progress.

Brief description of the Project

OMC has already decided to go for the 9.12MTPA project at Gandhamardan-B mines. In order to add value for better profitability and marketability of the fines and sub-grade materials, this project has been taken up by OMC.

Present status

MECON, Ranchi is the technical consultant for this project. MECON submitted the TEFR for this project considering “Crushing, Screening & Evacuation facility” & Crushing, Screening, Beneficiation, Pellet & Evacuation” as two modes of operation circuit. MECON also did the financial analysis considering two types of financing- (i) 100% equity (ii) 67% debt: 33% equity. The matter was placed in the 414th meeting of the BoD. BoD has recommended to consider “Crushing, Screening & Evacuation” mode only at 67% debt & 33% equity mode of financing. As the estimated cost is Rs.1348.47 Crore, Board has recommended for obtaining Govt. approval. Proposal to PAC, GoO has already been sent.