Corporate Social Responsibility

OMC is committed to fulfill its obligation under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Other than undertaking development works itself in the vicinity of OMC Mines, huge amount of funds have also been placed with various district administrations for development activities in the concerned districts. OMC has also contributed about Rs.359 crores to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund in last 5 years. OMC has contributed Rs.5 crores to Odisha Environment Management Fund to fulfill its commitment for a ‘Clean and Green Environment’. The detail information regarding expenditure incurred under CSR activities in the last 5 years is given at Annexure-I. OMC has recently formulated and adopted CSR Policy wherein upto 5% of the net profit of the Organization is set aside for CSR activities.

OMC is the largest State Govt. owned PSU engaged in Mining Sector in India. OMC is committed to environment friendly mining. OMC has planted saplings through State Forest Department at the rate of 1 tree for every 10 MT of ore extracted in the periphery of the mining leases located in the district of Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Jajpur & Kalahandi District of Odisha. 10.37 lakh seedlings were planted during 2015-16 and it is proposed to plant 10.00 lakh saplings during 2016-17 against which OMC has so far deposited Rs.321.04 lakhs to the State Forest Department. The above plantation programme covers 90 acres of plantation in the Medicinal Plant Park in the district of Dhenkanal.

OMC has adopted 5 villages annually from the financial year 2015-16 to provide among others the following basic entitlements: Drinking water through pipes, electricity, sanitation (IHLs), internal roads/drains, plantation in the village and pucca houses.